TCP protocol problems ?

Category: VC/MFC -> Network Author: bingjiecai Date: 2002-11-14 19:00:02
2002-11-14 19:00:02
      brother new to TCP soon, would like to ask you : TCP in the client connect the server , the server listens to return to have the client access after a new socket is responsible for communication with the client , this time should be how to make the server immediately sends the data to the client , is not what the client should send commands to the server it sends the data over it?
2002-11-14 19:14:25

server utilization accept returns SOCKET handle , send the data on it
2002-11-14 19:17:33
server send, the client recv
2002-11-14 19:35:48
look at this proposal look at the TCP protocol , TCP then find examples to learn about.

Now that TCP connection is established , you can two-way communication between the server and the client . In order to maintain the TCP, they have always been among SYN packet , but the application is not very concerned , only concerned with the application of data transmission.

TCP is a protocol standard , the specific application needs based on this specification to define a set of applications , or that their agreement. For controlling the data transfer between the client and the server. For example, send a client request, server returns a return like that. Timeout setting is usually necessary.

talk is more specific analytical protocol stack , we mainly use TCP 's head used to maintain TCP, TCP data area used to process application data , you can look at http protocol specification and implementation , this TCP is a perfect application .
2002-11-14 19:49:05
connection has been established , and direct hair on ok .