IWebBrowser2 call Naviagate different browser pop-up page abnormalities

Category: VC/MFC -> ATL/ActiveX/COM Author: zhangyuan2100456 Date: 2001-07-09 17:37:01
2001-07-09 17:37:01
The default is to open IE, but it is strange that when you install multiple browsers appear very depressing strange phenomenon.
1. I installed ie, chrome, Sogou . . This time opened the chrome, and then opening the IWebBrowser2, opened ie. .
I downloaded a qq browser , close all browsers, open qq browser, and then click on the link IWebBrowser2 's . This time will not open links .

2. colleague installed ie, and chrome, then open chrome, then click on the link IWebBrowser2 's . This time they can not open links .

some cases did not know they had anything in common , in short, the first open qq browser , usually ie impossible to escape to
2001-07-09 17:47:58
What is the default browser on your system is
2001-07-09 17:57:45

both cases, my default browser is chrome
my colleague default browser for chrome