Strange, is not displayed on the panel component installation

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: amdin007 Date: 2004-07-15 14:36:44
2004-07-15 14:36:44
A pas file, which has a class, trying to make it into a component (not visible), then create a new package, as defined in the pas file
procedure Register;
; RegisterComponents ('MyComponent', [TMyComp]);
then add in a package that pas, re-install, prompts to install the components successfully, but the panel is to find not MyComponent page, of course, No TMyComp
remember this is installed components ah.
2004-07-15 14:44:43
1, Register no stated above in implementation.
2, affirmed Register written in lowercase
2004-07-15 14:48:39
his parent class is that ah?
2004-07-15 15:03:22
haha. . Parent who seems to be privacy right! ! Can not ask. .
2004-07-15 15:16:00
installed in an existing package can do?
2004-07-15 15:35:47
component-> new component in here, enter your name of the parent class inherited control panel displays the name Click OK, and then write the corresponding method on it.