panel component issues

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: scupiano Date: 2008-04-21 12:00:31
2008-04-21 12:00:31
I will be a FORM PANEL components on a form, I double-click on PANEL property Events onmovemove an error message
"connot find implementation method panelconstrinedresize", and I double-click onmovedown is normal, why???
2008-04-21 12:15:48
Are you part of the implementation process to achieve panelconstrinedresize deleted, but not any part of the deleted interface definitions.
2008-04-21 12:32:10
right, agree upstairs.
2008-04-21 12:41:56
F positive solution, added: delete an event in the IDE, the correct way is to function in the event all of the code and delete the contents of the variable definitions, etc., making it an empty function (reservation Begin and End), Then save, then the IDE will automatically delete this event (including Pas document and DFM file contents).