How can I learn C programming language entry

Category: C/C++ -> C Author: lzhb121 Date: 2011-07-09 11:31:57
2011-07-09 11:31:57
I only know the 8051 assembly language programming, but little knowledge of the C programming language, 8051. With the research required, how to use the C language to write the associated SPI and I2S serial communication, but I can not achieve (using assembly language to write it without a problem). I learned how to get started C programming language, please give expert guidance of their way for the hope! Sincerely gratitude sublime!

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Panfu: [email protected]
2011-07-09 11:43:50

Look Hemopurification that book,
2011-07-09 11:46:57
find someone to look at the base of the C point.
<< C Primer Plus >>
2011-07-09 11:56:05
first find a few of the basis for the book to see it, c should be relatively easy.
2011-07-09 12:06:18
MCU C, or SystemC
2011-07-09 12:19:15
Since you will be compiled, then C for you to is certainly a piece of cake
speak casually looking for the C language book Miao Miao is, Good Luck!
2011-07-09 12:32:41
direct look microcontroller C on it.
2011-07-09 12:50:55
Thank you for your concern!
2011-07-09 12:57:37
Will the sixth floor: Hemopurification What is the name of that book?
2011-07-09 13:09:54
Reply 3 Floor: Yes microcontroller C
2011-07-09 13:26:58
Hemopurification book called c language, Tsinghua University Press, now in its third edition, and many people are using this book when Getting Started!
2011-07-09 13:32:39
En Hao that book was really good