COM basic questions

Category: VC/MFC -> ATL/ActiveX/COM Author: cyy560 Date: 2001-07-09 20:16:20
2001-07-09 20:16:20
Just started watching COM, some issues are not very clear.

1.   COM threading model is at the component level of its total use it? For example, there is a DLL internal components to achieve the two A and B, may be set to STA and MTA?
2.   whether between COM components can call each other ? For example, A component funcA1 calling component B of funcB1. There is no recommended way , or that there should be no such mutual ties ?
3.   If I want to implement a service contains a set of functions , func1,   func2,   func3,   func4, which (func1,   func2) need to queue , for example ClientA thread A1 call func1,   A2 calls func2, ClientB thread calls func2,   B2 calls func2, require server processed sequentially , A1- > func1,   A2- > func2,   B1- > func2,   B2- > func2. And func3 and (func1,   func2) Like ,   func4 well. That these four functions divided into three groups , (func1,   func2), func3 and func4 There are three queues. But may need to call each other between these three groups calls. May I ask how the design ? If the four functions in one component of an interface , then a call arc problem is better realized . But were unable to achieve mutually isolated three processing queue . If placed in three different interface components ( if the problem an establishment ) , then call each other there is a lot of trouble ( ie problem 2)
2001-07-09 20:22:46
1. This is not too clear, did not feel issue .
2. can call each other , create components in the component A, B , and then call the method
component B of