Too many open files (too many open files)

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> System Maintenance Author: NeAr_Null Date: 2013-10-26 09:22:27
2013-10-26 09:22:27
My operating system is redhat, kernel Linux version 2.4.20, tomcat as middleware, there has been an error Too many open files.
ulimit-a view through the results
open files (-n) 1024

/ proc / sys / fs / file-max value 209600

Online said, and file-max the value of the related, but I have been 209,600, and it should not be a problem,
and ulimit-n see not the same,

ask ulimit-a and file- What is the relationship max, how to make ulimit-a view of the open files that I want to set up the information value of how to solve this problem.

Thank you prawn
2013-10-26 09:29:10
/ proc / sys / fs / file-nr is the current number of open files, you can reference.

/ proc / sys / fs / file-max is the total number of open files limit, and ulimit-a to see is a single process limit, you should set this value.

ulimit-n 4096 can be set to 4096
But to remain valid after a system reboot, you need to use this command in / etc / profile
2013-10-26 09:41:05
The change / etc / security / limits.conf file to try, pay attention to the file you want to open the user
2013-10-26 09:54:42
linux how to check a particular process under the maximum number of open files ah, lsof-p pid | wc-l
seen seems to be the current number of open files, plimit under linux without