Neighborhoods receive and transmit events between objects

Category: C/C++ -> ActiveX/COM/DCOM Author: hubinzhu Date: 2001-08-04 08:50:34
2001-08-04 08:50:34
Talk about, as long as we express their views in this regard, please, how to launch the event, but also how to accept events
2001-08-04 09:08:07
did not quite understand what it meant,
SendMessage & message mapping?
2001-08-04 09:25:13
/ / Send
PostMessage (HWND (MainForm-> Handle), WM_ENDDOERR, (WPARAM) NULL, (LPARAM) NULL);

2001-08-04 09:35:29
one object to another object method must be performed (i.e., a method call to another object pointer), the contents of the package to be executed on a custom TMessage class, passed to another object, the method of transfer of the object over TMessage analysis, the implementation of the corresponding events.