sa password forgotten!!

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: lsfeagaeg Date: 2001-11-30 19:35:00
2001-11-30 19:35:00
How can we retrieve it? I Rom!!!
2001-11-30 19:38:39
If you use Win NT or 2000, using Windows authentication login as Administrator, OK, of course, remember to reset the sa password, oh!
2001-11-30 19:53:19
: ((
you have no other administrator account? such as NT local administrator account.
If you choose to install SQL Server mixed mode, then along with local administrator administrator privileges unless you because of security reasons, put that account to delete, that would not work.
2001-11-30 20:00:15
SQLServer-> Properties -> Security-> system account
2001-11-30 20:14:29
using mixed authentication on the line
2001-11-30 20:25:27
I use administrator login, but not very changed Yeah, I'm a beginner Yeah, thank you!
2001-11-30 20:29:38

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