What is a good form of control do you?

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: jd5252 Date: 2002-01-07 16:31:29
2002-01-07 16:31:29
For example, you can put together a few lines, you can put together a few columns, you can talk in the middle of a diagonal grid, which is similar to the form in WORD, use DELPHI do it, what good control ?
2002-01-07 16:39:35
Yes, third-party controls, such as UF CELL control
2002-01-07 16:47:35
formulaone, very stable, I have seen a nationwide promotion of the health system is to use software for him, but looks a little too "simple" a
2002-01-07 17:05:55
human_2, bluekitty I ask you to say where the controls can be downloaded?
2002-01-07 17:25:17
Highly recommended UF cell components. Support for custom reports, super useful.
landlord found a cracked version do not forget to send me one, even the expired Caesar!
[email protected]
2002-01-07 17:31:36
UF cell component where you can download it?
[email protected]
2002-01-07 17:36:01
own roof, I would like to casually ask, give me a 'YES' or 'no' answer, OK?
2002-01-07 17:49:47
hey, I do not know, oh. Does anyone know?