How to achieve ? Experts invited ! !

Category: VC/MFC -> Foundation Classes Author: huaxia110 Date: 2003-01-28 15:33:40
2003-01-28 15:33:40
In a dialog box, set a drawing area , when the user adjustable parameters , dynamic image in the drawing area to draw !
say, draw a rectangular drawing area ( sketched the outline of it) , when the user adjust the length and breadth with a scroll bar , rectangular drawing area is also dynamic is drawn. How
the drawing area to achieve ? In the dialog box drawing area Oh !
master ! I wait for you !
2003-01-28 15:43:55
put a control, the control above the painting.

such as put a Button ( first self-portrait , the Button flat ) . Why not Static it? Because it does not self-portraits feature.
2003-01-28 15:52:39
I gave a thought :
put a PICTURE control, and then reload the scroll bar to scroll messages when changing the scroll , you invalidate   PICTURE controls in the control plot !!
2003-01-28 16:09:29
valentine_sc   PICTURE controls can plot thing ?
cline   except Button Is there a better way to
2003-01-28 16:11:49
valentine, I tried PICTURE seems feasible , give point code thing ?