What is now mainly used in c programming what?

Category: C/C++ -> C Author: zhangpengnet Date: 2012-03-24 16:50:26
2012-03-24 16:50:26
Now if there is a culture of contempt c language! ! !
c language in the end I want to know there is no application?
Thank you heroes! ! !
2012-03-24 17:00:17
Oh lhq2019 (qing) UNIX / LINUX advanced programming and network programming
to say that we can see more than is necessary to delve into c understanding unix / programming under linux, just no chance of learning window environment. I did
Digital company training, they used to write c unix environment following a 4GL language, the language used to make 2 development, engage in the banking system.
2012-03-24 17:16:59
there, mostly for use in embedded programming, such as mobile apps
2012-03-24 17:25:14
C can be appied to develop most applications implemented by C + +, java , etc ...
2012-03-24 17:38:46
your home with a DVD you? DVD is a C program running inside
2012-03-24 17:46:16
UNIX / LINUX advanced programming and network programming
2012-03-24 17:59:21
much more than you think. China's software exports the largest enterprises, mainly used are C.
2012-03-24 18:09:10
If you like Java or C # than should tend to hardware, embedded programming, interface, driven. And so on.
course, C lay a solid foundation for learning any high-level language are very helpful.
2012-03-24 18:23:45
to learn C Well Oh
2012-03-24 18:32:35
Embedded development, many of which are now embedded development using C, of ​​course, also useful for C + + and assembler or something, but C is the Mainstream