Main program chess game developed

Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: cz521521 Date: 2010-02-18 13:33:13
2010-02-18 13:33:13
1, proficient in C / C + +, there is a good object-oriented design and analysis capabilities;
2, a Windows or Linux development experience, familiar with VC + +, gcc, gdb and other program development tools; ;
3, proficient in TCP / IP protocol, familiar with socket programming;
4, familiar Windows GDI programming, familiar with the graphic image processing technology ( DirectX).
5, skilled use of database application development (such as SQL server 2000)
6, familiar with common data structures and algorithms;
7, familiar with the site as a development language (such as ASP, ASP.Net);
8. Development program source code specification;
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2010-02-18 13:38:52
developed over, notice that I also learn this talent
2010-02-18 13:49:37
LZ you are looking for Almighty do,

LZ do not know how the treatment?
2010-02-18 14:05:36
I'm looking for the main program (technical director) treatment dwell
2010-02-18 14:22:22
2010-02-18 14:35:54
landlord looking for all-around character ...