Consult win98 and linux dual system out of the question

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Applications Author: yangtze21 Date: 2001-07-09 18:03:38
2001-07-09 18:03:38
1. Minute one primary partition installed win98, of a primary partition mounted linux7.3 the / boot.
2. linux loaded it but can not find win98, have no access to win98; In order to use win98, execute fdisk / mbr, will be able to enter win98.
3. later with PQmagic a look, win98 that is actually a primary partition is not formatted, format is probably no, so reconfigure lilo when it can not find win98 Where?

win98 piece can not reformat the primary partition, because win98 is not broken, want to use linux, is there any way to make lilo piece partition it found win98 ?
2001-07-09 18:11:40
modify / etc / lilo.conf
boot = / dev / hda
will lilo installed in the mbr
2001-07-09 18:13:51
I think, or formatted with pqmagic reloading it
2001-07-09 18:28:54
wrong, sorry

entry should be added a win98
2001-07-09 18:34:18
useless, I used PQmagic see, win98 that a primary partition unformatted reconfigure boot = / dev / hda
when it can not find the operating system's file system. Tip fails to load, simply take a logical partition can be loaded successfully, but the real win98 installed that partition is the "failure"!
2001-07-09 18:51:55
win98 not dare is to preserve formatting, go to work the machine, win98 is genuine. There is no other way ah