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Category: Delphi -> Database Author: cailm123 Date: 2001-07-08 14:01:17
2001-07-08 14:01:17
Can connect to the database via remote dial-up, and thus the database operations such as add, delete, modify, etc..

1, a single server can accommodate the number one client

2, how to speed, stability it?

3, specifically how to achieve (if SQLServer)
2001-07-08 14:21:01
ddn line.
2001-07-08 14:29:32
using the telephone line, can you?
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2001-07-08 14:37:48
database via remote dial-up connection to the database operations such as add, delete , modification and so on.

1, which I have contacted a server even a client

2, speed Mana, stability is also OK!

3, specific implementation (if SQLServer), I was even SQL SERVER ODB's.
2001-07-08 14:50:54
First of all, I can confirm that using the telephone line you can achieve the desired function!
last year I realized environment: NT4 + MSSQL7.0 + Telephone Line

Server-side configuration:
1, installed OS (NT4 .0); course, maybe 2000's more powerful, I have not tried ...
2, install the remote dial-up network, making it possible to dial-up!

Client side configuration:
1, as long as access to the Internet on the OK!

Then you pull it pull it in the Client pulling .... pull Server end of the telephone electrical code ....

Of course, some of the details of the problem, you must pay attention, otherwise, hehe :-)

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2001-07-08 15:02:05

remote dial-up connection speed database Mana!
listen yangyugw (yangyu), using green
or broadband.