Data printing errors, anxious. . .

Category: Delphi -> Language/Algorithm/System Design Author: ran168 Date: 2008-01-03 16:07:44
2008-01-03 16:07:44
As follows:
five records each selection, right-print
recording 1
recording 2
recording 3
recording 4
recording 5
then Each record

print two times before the following situations occur occasionally recorded 1,2 are normal, record 3 played four times, recording four did not play, recording five normal.

in the current data have had 51,335 records say that there have been 2-3 times so far this

help analyze the reasons is procedural reasons or said computer and printer when printing cards
2008-01-03 16:13:27
1. printing what you do fastreport, rave or use canvas print
2. How do you print part of the code written

2008-01-03 16:16:02
Obviously, the interface is selected and the selected database records are inconsistent result.
2008-01-03 16:29:09
Bangding ...
2008-01-03 16:39:43
question is not very clear whether there is an error when selecting?
2008-01-03 16:43:16
question was not clear, what with controls, how to print?
2008-01-03 16:58:07
code Tieshanglai first