Are activex, vc doing and bcb do such a big difference in how it

Category: C/C++ -> ActiveX/COM/DCOM Author: yangjingqzp Date: 2001-08-04 15:18:30
2001-08-04 15:18:30
Assumptions used bcb bcb made a activex, which has an attribute version, now page above this sentence:
<PARAM NAME = "version" id = "version" value = "version">, which is the version in vc directly assigned to the version of this property, but which will in javascript bcb written on the inside
esetup.version = document.getElementById ("version"). value ; (esetup is activex's id)
and will call a function inside the set, activex can get to the version value, how it so complicated?

Suppose now that the inside pages so says:
id = "esetup" classid = "clsid: 97045DF4-0434-4823-9165- 3BCC6BD1587D "
codebase =" "
width =" 0 "height =" 0 "hspace =" 0 "vspace =" 0 " >
<PARAM NAME="rootkey" id="rootkey" value="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE">
<PARAM NAME = "subkey" id = "subkey" value = "\ SOFTWARE \ eWater">
<PARAM NAME="version" id="version" value="version"> ;
<PARAM NAME="newversion" id="newversion" value="1.0.0">
<PARAM NAME = "downdir" ; id = "downdir" value = "c: \ \ WUtemp">
<PARAM NAME="Property1" value="ppp">
< ;/ OBJECT>
and esetup which also has the above attributes, namely rootkey properties, etc., assuming I want
rootkey rootkey attribute value should be how to do it, not write code inside javascript okay? ie when executing the above code will
directly to the corresponding value of these attributes inside it reached me?
If not, how can it?
2001-08-04 15:22:14
which can help to say about it