sa password forgotten! Ask if the back.

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: OOOOOOOOOOO16 Date: 2009-03-25 01:31:20
2009-03-25 01:31:20
windows authentication also deleted. There is no way in the windows where landing. Will this if you can retrieve sa password. Or allow access to the system itself? Thank you.
2009-03-25 01:50:26
In Enterprise Manager is not registered with the SQL SERVER, there are easy to handle.
2009-03-25 02:19:14
you are in Query Analyzer using windows integrated login, and then
EXEC sp_password NULL, 'NewPassword', 'Sa'
2009-03-25 02:54:40
SQL Server service can also start it? If you can not start your first backup copy of the data file, and then rebuild Master database once.
2009-03-25 03:22:01
to be late!
landlord only through
EXEC sp_password NULL, 'new password', 'Sa'
to change sa password!!

Results Post it! ! Haha!
2009-03-25 03:40:00
afraid to tell you that you are afraid of theft of other people's database
2009-03-25 03:59:13
If you do not it? Are we going to reload?
2009-03-25 04:28:05
and then see if there are other sysadmin user ah.
2009-03-25 04:53:13
so long gone, it should be done SQLSERVER reloading it!
2009-03-25 05:16:08
ant still online!
2009-03-25 05:50:42
rebuild the system databases or reinstall it again.
2009-03-25 06:13:34
talked only reloading, SQLSERVER
2009-03-25 06:44:17
If you have:
select either a database, and then In Enterprise Manager under the Tools menu to open the Query Analyzer, execute
EXEC sp_password NULL, 'NewPassword', 'Sa'
2009-03-25 06:59:33
Halo! I've set up only allowed one account windows2000 administrator account access! But the administrator account was accidentally deleted! Re-built administrator account in the same name there is no way to manage sql. sa password is long forgotten! No other sysadmin users of! May I ask who can tell me how to put him to recover? Change the registry okay? If you want to change the registry should change those places?
2009-03-25 07:17:22
Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ten times the estimated installed no problem. :)
2009-03-25 07:48:56
simply no way to pass EXEC sp_password NULL, 'new password', 'Sa' competence is not enough ah! To change the password for the sa must have administrator privileges to ah. But the windows itself is believed to have been set off orphans account now causing the phenomenon. So no way to use management methods to enter.
sql server can start, but do not have permission to access the master database ah.
2009-03-25 08:27:16
J teacher spoke up: "reload"

seems yet to find any good way, Rebuild it. . .