Learn c language should see what books

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2008-09-25 02:21:49
0 foundation, who recommend a good book? Tan's book also good in the end?
2008-09-25 02:56:30
c primer plus
2008-09-25 03:17:02
a, The C Programming Language
C Programming Language (2nd Edition • new)
Original Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Author: [United States] Brian W.Kernighan, Dennis M.Ritchie
Translator: XU Bao Li ;
ISBN: 7-111-12806-0
Pages: 258
Folio: 16 Revision :2-1
Series Title: Computer Science Books
Press: Machinery Industry Press
Publication Date: 2004-1-1
price: ¥ 30.00

two, Pointers on C
C and pointer
Original Publisher: Pearson Education
Author: ; Kenneth A.Reek
Translator: Xu Bo
ISBN: 7-115-11456-0
Pages: 450
Folio: 16 Revision :1-1
Series Title: C and C + + Practice Featured
Press: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
Release Date: 2003-9-1
price: ¥ 55.00

three, Expert C Programming
C Programming experts ;
Original Publisher: PH PTR
Author: Perter Van Der LinDen
Translator: Xu Bo
ISBN: 7-115-10627-4
Pages: 291
Folio: 16 Revision :1-1
Series Title: C and Featured
C + + Practice Publisher: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
Publication Date: 2002-12-1
price: ¥ 40.00

four, C Traps and Pitfalls
C traps and defects
Original Publisher: Addison Wesley
Author: Andrew Koenig
Translator: Gao Wei
ISBN: 7-115-10623-1
Pages: 172
Folio: ; 16 open Revision :1-1
Series Title: C and C + + Practice Featured
Press: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press Publication Date
: 2002-11-1
price: ¥ 30.00
2008-09-25 03:41:29
the c programmin language - C programming language
2008-09-25 03:56:50
C Programming Language Second Edition
2008-09-25 04:14:10
C primer plus
2008-09-25 04:44:01
learning programmer's advice: eye over a thousand times better to hand over again! (Books to read thousands of lines as hand and struck his!)

Bc + +3.1 inside help for each function can be copied out a short run to see the effect of the example program. Very suitable for novice C language. MSDN no comparison.

regarding their suitability programming very simple test:
in newspapers or magazines just to find some articles about 1000 words, enter it again in Word. Losers and then refer to the following answers:
A there are 10 or more text or punctuation errors
B there is no text or punctuation errors and dare to do this with people bet
C there is no text or punctuation error and fonts and typography is completely consistent with the original
D printed on translucent paper and originals check exactly overlap, and the sense of self, a sense of accomplishment

A unsuitable programming
B junior programmer
C senior programmer
D software project manager

If you want to become a B from A, then inside my resources to download "Good programmers Keyboard Practice "
2008-09-25 05:11:42
strongly recommend Hemopurification book, easy to understand.
2008-09-25 05:51:00
good few people to answer ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2008-09-25 06:29:54
TPLC, a classic book
2008-09-25 06:58:37

acronym? Finding
2008-09-25 07:18:42
Do not sink ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2008-09-25 07:36:16
Hemopurification I feel very good
2008-09-25 07:51:44
Hemopurification can serve as entry, entry After the course is hands-on, you can write yourself a simple game, while watching: C traps and defects, C programming experts these books, remember, is only possible from the project master achievement. . . . .
2008-09-25 08:23:24
C + + Primer plus