Is there any good form-filling control?

Category: Delphi -> Windows SDK/API Author: zhl1654081 Date: 2005-08-03 17:47:23
2005-08-03 17:47:23
We usually have a lot of forms to fill
such as personal history, apply for bank cards, etc.
often need to fill in a computer simulation of these forms, you need to have check boxes, drop-down boxes (extracted from the database drop-down options ), and so there is no more outstanding
simulate this filling controls?
Although the use of data controls can be achieved, however ugly

next beginner, please advise
2005-08-03 17:50:13
form of control of our company actually very easy to use, but can not give you, ha ha
2005-08-03 17:55:11

you look at this, but I think examples do not ye
2005-08-03 18:02:05
We buy cell, but there are limitations, such as a person's qualifications , would like to take out from a database table into the drop-down box, cell did not seem this interface, it can only be a drop-down box dead
2005-08-03 18:13:47
we talk about how to resolve this situation in general, I think that simulate filling The fact that Mrs. generally, you want to live in the drop-down box that displays a picture of what it is nothing too much to ask.
I've even seen a program, but also simulate filling in, the moment seems to be loading data control, and then it became a flash report, probably use datacontrol, their own appearance, do not know what controls.