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Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: xing59741 Date: 2001-12-08 19:57:10
2001-12-08 19:57:10
I have learned Hemopurification "C Programming" and also learned that money can the "C + + Programming Guide" and some other languages.
after graduation has been doing network management aspects of the work, and now want to re-learn C / C + +, feel unable to start. Back then, it is the school, learn pure language, the machine rarely. Now if you give me the papers on his debut C / C + +'s questions, I may be able to answer them, but I used the software to do it runs out, they ...... simply does not know what compiler environment is not familiar with the machine ...... hope you get help from someone who, I now how to resolve the situation? What supporting materials you? Thank you ~ ~
PS: Windows programming under
2001-12-08 20:02:54
watch windows program designed Hou Jie.
Something and then to the online tutorial api

Then, look at your own will, not to learn mfc learn, and learn to see easy mfc

C + + features?
you and we will afford students to consider the problem is not the same, you can not buy this prime Or is the C + + programming language, put there when the reference, the specific use language features, you buy the appropriate book.

this considered a crash under windows ..
2001-12-08 20:20:04
upstairs to say good!

2001-12-08 20:28:17
Thank idau7 (I love Eva), I actually want to use Visual C + +6.0
C + + language I used pure time, in order to cope with school exams, is the software environment not familiar with, do not know how to solve ......
20 distribution on the meaning of meaning (I'm poor), thanks again!