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Life extension in a calm quiet and calm like a drunk in the morning, like the afternoon sleep. Breeze blowing from time to time once trivial, such as childhood memories pond, leaving only amorous dragonfly kissed ripples.
this summer, the feeling came early, and even I have not felt the transfer of spring and summer, when the little girl's clothes Yuechuan Yue, when street vendors began selling dumplings, I was suddenly, the Dragon Boat Festival to.
each holiday, must have a legend, just as each soul must have a destination.
two thousand three hundred years ago, there was a man, a young man on the show amazing talent, got its king trust, the official "left only", he of "Figure discuss affairs of state with the king," outside "then met guests, payable princes ", in charge of internal affairs, foreign affairs minister. Committed to their people happy. However, he met a very powerful opponent, but trouble is, his master, the king of the princes of the country and not enough wit, after his repeated remonstrances, he was too troublesome, his exile. Two thousand six hundred eighty-eight years ago, after his homeland was destroyed, apart from grief, he bouldering himself into a river. This day is the fifth lunar month, later moved to his people's Chixin, on this day to mourn him.
that person is Qu Yuan, the vassal state is the state of Chu, the king is King Xiang, That river is Miluo River, the opponent is Strategists Zhang Yi. Of course, there is the grandson about Princess Zheng Xiu, minions doctor Shangguan et al.
Qu Yuan is not only a great patriot, or a great poet, he created a precedent Chu, a great impact on future generations, such as Li Bai, his influence on the well. Two thousand years or, in the course of history is not short, but despite the drain, although to dawn-to-dusk, Qu Yuan remained in people heart. His spirit and works equally eternal.
his melancholy life touched some deep and distant. When this melancholy continue to accumulate, when the emotion of grief breakdown bottom line, his mind at that moment to a deadlock. He could not escape, or in order to escape, chose to end their lives there - because his beloved country have died, Miluo River became his destination.
a person, as a man's material content disappeared. As a continuation of existence, his spirit shining future generations. What he did impact on people continues. In the fame of mortal beings to construct their own full life.
heaven no road, separated from the people, he deeply felt sympathy: "long sigh to cover tears, sadness and livelihood of many difficulties." his "Introduction to the sad legacy of the river," and only through time and space to feel.
Huan field ups and downs, dangerous and unpredictable, "deep in Ming Yao Ming Lin Xi, is the ape You are the home of the mountain in order to blot out the sun Gao Jun Xi, under obscurity to rain; sleet snow Come Fun its expanse, clouds drizzling its Chengyu. sorrow of my life without music Xi, almost quiet solitude in the mountains. "He was reluctant to change of heart from the mundane world, but Gou turbidity, persist in the end, willing to suffering.
life will always have to face some of the honor and success of the flood, and the flood receded, and who, in this wet shore pickers?
can remember clear it? How many times to listen to the message of spring swallows title to, how many times silenced in Chaner singing, alone counting the summer warm; many times over the eyes following a long goose bright autumn sky in the distance toward the more distant; marvel at how many times the snow The blockade Mei Duo surplus winter ice crystal bone.
However, simple and noble longing, in the secular will always seem powerless lonely, funny, and even being trampled. Misfits loneliness was surrounded, nowhere to escape. Qu Yuan Yangtianchangtan: "I Clear Murky world, world is drunk I alone am sober."
Life continues, dusk and dawn still reincarnation, one being ridiculed on stream fish moon, who is, after skipping gantry has lost its way.
Pangu, thousands of years of human evolution also repeatedly split up for the day with clear, turbid with the sinking of land. Constitute a solid ground sinking, rising only illusory sky. Pluralistic values ​​in the collision, but it excites Millennium precipitation trace of waves, at least since the Yuan that era. Throughout the ages, and poly-condensation of those philosophizing, solemn, drag drag Xiang dream once that a butterfly, is disillusioned, or that former officials of Zhuang Zhou Meng paint this garden is the butterfly?
stray, is forgotten, is gored; exile in a strange land, refining elevate the soul, but also tenacious cling desire. Seductive aroma comes from the spirit again blow. Listening alone in a storm, used to look at moon, seeking to break. Qu Yuan resolutely said: "The road is long Come, happiness and earth."
Surprised and touched with a dangerous and elusive fantasy, finally parted when -
have exquisite Flowers For song I want to dance;
birds have lightweight Xiang into the dream;
pure moonlight there Ling Yun contingent, such as beads;
be dripping affair polished suffering.
and that, but it is a virtual flowers. Despite repeated enjoy the blooming, also stand up to a relentless icy frost.
in this most extraordinary summer, this summer afternoon, this afternoon to evening, sunset glow in the evening, though it is summer, but I feel the biting cold. Sad sentences scattered over the floor.
a flower flickering. What kind of opening and closing, make me showing original fragrance? What kind of breeze makes my heart Cantabile, to gaze horizon purple sunset?
- can not match because of the tragedy of two thousand years ago, because the tragedy has already occurred, because a lot of tragedy to be buried because of the tragedy will continue. Tragedy makes lofty, but:
"who wants to do a meteor,
or victims icy sculptures?
Watching endless fire of youth,
passed in the hands of others! "
void plop no idle land, but to the deep blue sea driving iron ship. Dawn of an epoch of workers ill-Hill defeated anger hit, NvWaBuTian Jingwei has gone. Away, two thousand years ago, the river Miluo; gone, Caoge armored compete; away, questioning the heavens cry; gone, once the angle of the drum contend swords lofty aspiration, once joyous sadness honor fame and fortune stream ups and downs like gone.
summer, setting sun, such as blood, purple sun will all dress romantic evening.
while thinking of the flower, but in a distant wide mundane and the extraordinary, in a loneliness and poverty Enron, in a song is not the song that is also brilliant and glorious, stern Ran Ran , Wet Che Che, an open courtyard in time.

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