Ask the experts: If the BCB call Matlab functions (from the Matlab environment)

Category: C/C++ -> ActiveX/COM/DCOM Author: ankongshuo Date: 2001-08-03 14:47:09
2001-08-03 14:47:09
I recently was doing BCB joint programming and Matlab neural network program,
but are not out of Matlab,
need matlab support,
this seems very easy to use,
I would like to know how you can call a function from the matlab.
seemed to see a transformation with mcc,
but is not very clear.
Please elaborate please?
2001-08-03 14:54:22
matlab running completely out of 2 ways, one is not used toolbox can be used when mcc command to compile m file as dll files, if matlab version 6.5 or less, with the BCB5 compiler. But looking at the landlord, then the neural network toolbox is estimated that only another way is to use matlab band combuild tool to m files into a COM component, and then call the BCB.
2001-08-03 14:56:33
first with Matlab compiled dll, and then use the BCB call, I was done.
2001-08-03 15:09:10
I did MapInfo, Oracle, Office and other such things call, MatLab, I have done, although they are COM, but also belong to the scope of automation objects, I had all is to run these files, singled out, and then packaged using their own or other tools during installation or the first run for COM registration, it can be done from the Matlab runtime environment, you can use this idea to try , MatLab is really big, if I give customers with is not easy.
well your program is not a network version, if it is not, you can also make a multilayered structure DCOM, so you only need to install a server on the line, the client did not need to install MatLab .
2001-08-03 15:12:39
gnaw nobody back pinching?
give points too?
2001-08-03 15:14:48
Oh, not so good practice.
2001-08-03 15:22:21
like or do not understand,
I try oh.
if possible,
even go bankrupt I also want to thank you ~ ~
2001-08-03 15:40:16
Thank you, but still some do not understand, but also to learn about