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Category: Linux/Unix Community -> System Maintenance Author: ahyewang Date: 2002-10-11 18:52:46
2002-10-11 18:52:46
1 Desktop (it should also called the desktop) icon on how arranged? Only manually align it?
2. fonts on most windows (in English) are too great, but how can not find a place to change. Including menus, buttons, etc., only the top of the window that a caption can be changed.
3. start apache service when there is an error, but because of fast, no time to see the error message, what
way to start apache after startup try and read the error message do
4. not remember the last changed what is now under the X-window either double-click or right -> open all open folders. Can only enter the path to open, I do not know why.

system is redhat 7.2 in English.
555 ... finished nor complete. : (

Pray that you help solve
2002-10-11 19:10:04
boot floppy production:

# rdev / boot / vmlinuz / dev/hda5 ; (you install linux disk)
# dd if = / boot / vmlinuz of = / dev/fd0

where / boot / vmlinuz kernel file according to different linux vary.
I was Red Hat 7.2
2002-10-11 19:14:15
1., there have to choose it by right-clicking (Do not tell me you do not read English)
2. you can open the "Control Center" or in the "Start" to find, there is a special set of these, specifically I forgot.
3. try to use setup ; command to restart (I have forgotten, and what you have to say clear error)

do not know when installing a selected language, you have to choose Chinese ; (gb) and you want to set as the default for the job (at the top)
2002-10-11 19:33:56
Linux finished, make sure you install the process, whether the language select Chinese Simplified.
if not in Disc 2 find, kde-i18n-Chinese-zh ... (probably)
into control center
set personal -> country & language
feel &. . -> fonts
2002-10-11 19:41:28
Use mkbootdisk command
2002-10-11 19:58:21
changed later to pay attention to save, probably in the same position last one menu item, font proposal to change the "linux" is when The font I feel good
2002-10-11 20:13:54
If you add fonts when put xfs service stopped
. / etc / rc.d / init.d / xfs stop
2002-10-11 20:17:35
xfs stopped, put the font as the default, reboot after should be no problem, I have encountered the same problem.
2002-10-11 20:19:40
Apache server configuration file is located in / usr / local / apache / conf / directory, traditionally used three configuration file httpd.conf, access.conf and srm.conf, to configure the Apache server behavior.

httpd.conf provides basic server configuration, is how to run httpd daemon technical description; srm.conf is the server's resource mapping file tells the server the MIME various file types, and how to support these documents; access.conf used to configure the server's access control different users and computer access restrictions; these three configuration files control various aspects of the server features, so in order to run the server will need to set up these three files.

In addition to these three settings file outside, Apache mime.types file is also used to identify different files
corresponding MIME types, magic set different MIME types file some special identification document makes Apache server from the document suffix can not determine the file's MIME type, file content through these special markers to determine the document's MIME type.

bash-2.02 $ ls-l / usr / local / apache / conf
total 100
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 348 Apr 16 16:01 access.conf
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 348 Feb 13 13:33 access.conf.default
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 30331 May 26 08:55 httpd.conf
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 29953 Feb 13 13 : 33 httpd.conf.default
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 12441 Apr 19 15:42 magic
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 12441 Feb 13 13:33 magic.default
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 7334 Feb 13 13:33 mime.types
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 383 May 13 17:01 srm.conf
-rw-r - r - 1 root wheel 357 Feb 13 13:33 srm.conf.default

fact that the current version of the original Apache httpd.conf, srm.conf and access.conf all the configuration parameters are placed in a configuration file httpd.conf, just for compatibility with previous versions of the reasons (use these three settings file from the NCSA-way httpd), it uses three configuration files provided access.conf and srm.conf file no specific settings.

Since the new version of Apache, all settings are placed in the httpd.conf, so only need to adjust the settings in this file The following example uses the default httpd.conf provided to explain the various setting options Apache server, but do not have to set the parameters because it provides too much trouble Basically, these parameters are very clear, you can also run the Apache server without change, but if you need to adjust the Apache server performance, and increased support for certain features, you need to understand the meaning of the parameters of these settings.

on the Apache server's performance, on the Internet there is a big controversy, basically using Apache users almost never doubt its excellent performance, Apache also supports a lot of well-known high-load websites, but in the commercial organizations in the evaluation, Apache often score is not high and many people have pointed out in these reviews, the commercial Web server and its operating system is often carried out by professional engineers over performance tuning, while the Free operating systems and Web servers often the use of the default configuration or simply to make a small change should be pointed out that, in addition to adjust the performance of the operating system outside, Apache server itself default configuration means the most optimal and most efficient, but to adapt to almost All types of operating systems, all types of hardware under the settings, multi-platform software not specific for a particular hardware platform and provide optimal default configuration, so when you want to use Apache, performance tuning is essential.

in the commercial evaluation ignores another fact is that when evaluating different types of functions tend to be compared, for example, using the standard CGI Apache's performance and ISAPI, NSAPI and other server-side API comparison, the fact on the Apache server can be compared with this function modperl, FastCGI, and ASP similar function for PHP, etc., but because the Apache open mode, these functions are performed by a separate development team, as a separate module to achieve. However, in the evaluation, testers did not join the corresponding module measure their performance.

HTTP daemon operating parameters

httpd.conf in first define some httpd daemon running parameters required to determine its operating mode and runtime environment.

ServerType standalone
ServerType defines the server is started, the default value is independent standalone mode , httpd server will start by itself, and reside in the host monitor connection requests under Linux in the startup file / etc / rc.d / rc.local / init.d / apache automatically start the Web server, in this way is the recommended setting.
start the Apache server, another way is to inet way, the use of super-server inetd monitor the connection request and start the server. inetd startup mode when you need to use when they need to change this setting, and shielding / etc / rc.d / rc.local / init.d / apache files, and change / etc / inetd.conf and restart inetd, then Apache will be able to start up from inetd.
two ways difference is that an independent manner by the server itself to manage their own boot process, so start the server immediately start multiple copies, each copy resides in memory, a connection request has no need to generate a child process to be carried out immediately processing requests for the client browser faster response, higher performance, while the way up to the inetd inetd found only after a connection request to start the http server, since the port inetd to listen too, so that the reaction is slow, efficiency is low, but no connection requests saving the resources, the Web server so inetd method is only used occasionally and do not require access speed access server. Indeed http inetd is not suitable for the characteristics of the burst and the multi-connection because a page may contain multiple images, each image will cause a connection request, even though number of visits resulting teach less, but the moment and a lot of connection requests, which by inetd performance limitations, and even affect other servers started by inetd program.

ServerRoot "/ usr / local"
ServerRoot is used to specify the httpd daemon run directory, httpd start automatically after The process's current directory is changed to the directory, so if you set the file specified file or directory is a relative path, then the true path is located under the ServerRoot defined path.
because httpd will often be concurrent file operations, you need a way to use locking to ensure file operations do not conflict, as NFS file system file locking limited capacity, so this directory should be a local disk file system, rather than using the NFS file system.

# LockFile / var / run / httpd.lock
LockFile parameter specifies the httpd daemon lock file, generally do not need to set this parameter, Apache server will automatically ServerRoot operate below the path, but if ServerRoot the NFS file system, we need to use this parameter to specify the path to the local file system.

PidFile / var / run / httpd.pid
PidFile specified file will record the httpd daemon process ID, because httpd can automatically replicate itself, so the system has multiple httpd processes, but only a process for the initial start of the process, it is for the other parent process , sends a signal to the process will affect all of the httpd process. PidFILE definition file is recorded httpd parent process ID.

ScoreBoardFile / var / run / httpd.scoreboard
httpd process using ScoreBoardFile to maintain internal data, so usually do not need to change this parameter unless the administrator wants a computer running several Apache server, then each of the Apache server requires a separate setup file htt pd . conf, and use different ScoreBoardFile.

# ResourceConfig conf / srm.conf
# AccessConfig conf / access.conf
these two parameters ResourceConfig and AccessConfig, and use it for setting file srm.conf and access.conf compatible with older versions of Apache, if not compatible with the needs of the corresponding settings file can be specified as / dev / null, which will means that there are no other settings file, but using only one file httpd.conf to save all the setup options.

Timeout 300
Timeout defines client and server connection timeout intervals over this time interval (seconds) after the server will disconnect the connection with the client.

KeepAlive On
in HTTP 1.0, the connection can only be transferred once one HTTP request, and KeepAlive parameter is used to support the HTTP 1.1 version of the first connection, multiple transfer functions, so that you can pass in a single connection multiple HTTP requests. although only newer browsers only support this feature, but still Use this option open.

MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
MaxKeepAliveRequests connection can be conducted for a maximum number of requests HTTP request would set its value to 0 will be supported in a single connection within unlimited number of transfer requests. fact that no client requests in a single connection too many pages, usually reach this limit to complete the connection of the.

KeepAliveTimeout 15
KeepAliveTimeout test again in the connection between multiple requests transmission time, and if the server has completed a request, but has not received client's next request in the interval exceeds the value of this parameter is set, the server will disconnect connection.
2002-10-11 20:21:45
3, with the dmesg command, you can see the startup information.
2002-10-11 20:25:18
to Netscape Web site, download Netscape6, friendly interface and some, but not how to display fonts .
simhei font display is also good, you can try the.
try kde it, even feel Kde more friendly.
2002-10-11 20:40:00
installed when there is a language selection and default language
2002-10-11 20:58:32
I winnt directory of fonts found only one simsun.ttc file and do not know if I can use the same ttf file it? Thank you.
when there is no choice if you install the appropriate fonts installed What can be done after the completion of remedial measures do? Thank you.

can. install fonts see online documentation, such as www.linuxeden.com more suitable for beginners
2002-10-11 21:04:14
another way, ask a problem, linux how to make a boot disk?
is not to make a boot disk, even if the C drive is destroyed can also start, followed by lilo can then rewrite the C disk MBR, boot from the hard disk so that it? Thank you.
2002-10-11 21:28:37
1. was not found by the right-ah.: (
2. control center I am looking for a long time, there are many places you can change the font, but are invalid.
2002-10-11 21:43:52
Thank you, I'm using gnome, but also very strange that, in the win2000 winnt / fonts directory not found simsun.ttf fonts, depressed.: (
time of installation should have selected the Chinese, but it may not be set to the default.
startup information I have seen, at boot time to choose "i", each step to confirm it. :) Oh .
double click open folders on the issue, there are heroes who can help you? Thank you.
2002-10-11 22:15:01
there are words on the windows and buttons too, is in English, I think the question should not be finished. always find the solution.: (
and the browser displays the Chinese is difficult to see! There are big and small, Rough is fine. alas.
2002-10-11 22:43:10
I winnt directory of fonts found only one simsun.ttc file and do not know if I can use the same ttf file it? Thank you.
when there is no choice if you install the appropriate fonts, what can be done after the installation is complete remedies do? Thank you.
2002-10-11 23:02:16
Thank you upstairs, localization issues have been resolved.
2002-10-11 23:32:25
But a new problem has emerged, in my terminal on the preference in change the font, the results are now terminal open when the dialog box, or turn off, or report bug.
How do you change back to the default settings do? Thank you.

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