Ask ActiveForm developed as a front advantages and disadvantages! ! !

Category: Delphi -> Network Author: vyhii Date: 2007-04-12 12:43:52
2007-04-12 12:43:52
I do b / s structure of the system, using delphi + activeXForm do, to do with the data services layer with Delphi (middle layer), Asp do front development, the background are the same oracle database so that two relatively, that a little better ? ? ? System is not, but also the problems related to workflow! ! Or talk with activeXForm do b / s structure What are the advantages and disadvantages? ? Thank
2007-04-12 12:58:35
ActiveXForm fact, it is an ActiveX control, all versions of the problem it will exist so long as you are a changed version of the program, the other soon to be re-cut under the latest version, like this slightly larger program, the client is a bit uncomfortable reaction. Just say good aspects of writing code. And now it is not advocate the MS. I said I do not know of any, I feel like this. You use Delphi's WebBroker not you? InterExpress (I wonder if a mistake is not) do not you?
2007-04-12 13:01:00
ActiveForm for reception? ? I think, or forget, it's obvious advantages, powerful, easy to control program (than those scripting language), disadvantage is much more attractive to a digital signature, on IE, but also on the customer environment too demanding!
I see you now can use
1, ASP, JSP, PHP and other scripting to achieve B / S
2, you can also take the C / S model, but in the wide area network (can)
3, with IntraWeb, TMS and other similar controls directly develop CGI / ISAPI application that
4, WebServers
5, there is not much to say ^ ^!
2007-04-12 13:05:05
motorized feel their own servers, or use asp or
activex this fat is less and less agreeable, and because of what? Because it is fat A, Oh
2007-04-12 13:20:53
And I heard activex controls access speed seems to be not very Mana???
2007-04-12 13:27:50
speed is not slow, but embedded into a lot of problems after ie Lane .
2007-04-12 13:31:55
What I want to make three-tier structure, then it is not a sure thing to use ActiveX? ? Is not it? Is there any solution? ? Please advice! ! !
2007-04-12 13:37:43
Can you give me analyze these two methods is the difference ah? ?
2007-04-12 13:42:01
Oh, thank you upstairs! I want to do a three-tier B / S structure, the front desk (responsible for displaying) - data application layer (responsible for submitting, processing data, like with Delphi) --- database! You say this is the case, considering the development Otherwise use ASP as a front, or is it purely to do with Delphi three-tier structure is good? ? ?
2007-04-12 13:49:42
Oh, thank you, I was a novice, please enlighten me less, I would like to ask what is the difference ActiveForm and ActiveX and contact A, as well as technical and Delphi6 DataSnap What is the connection A ? ?
2007-04-12 14:07:32
I use is ActiveForm technology, you can feel very good, the company's personnel system is to use this technology, three-tier architecture, just download it needs to do another set, the distribution is also very convenient, modify the program is also very convenient, everything is fine, but recommended a local network using 10/100M good effect.
2007-04-12 14:17:23
my thesis is to use ActiveX + NT server object + SQL SERVER2000 do
feeling a Debugging trouble
2. prone to error (somehow, sometimes good and sometimes bad,)
3. convenient than using ASP
4. than EXE client easy to distribute
2007-04-12 14:34:23
I do is hope to use on the Internet, do not know is not the same ah? Upstairs two ActiveForm analysis can compare it with other developers the advantages and disadvantages A??
2007-04-12 14:38:48
There upstairs said of Delphi WebBroker, InternetExpress technology in the development of Internet-facing B / S structure, what advantages and disadvantages A? Can you analyze the A? ? Thank
2007-04-12 14:46:35
I ask you: How did you achieve ActiveForm jump between pages?