Sincere invitation to use. NET Framework application development tool for the study partner and myself to complete "understanding. Net system of the whole process."

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2001-07-08 10:03:17
Introduction: Kim Jin. Male, likes to help others design solutions, from Nanjing.
because they only know how satisfied customized information technology solutions, but also want to have the ability to be programmed by the design of the program and to achieve the actual deployment.

learning objects include:
object-oriented programming ideas.
VB. NET languages: Learn the language syntax rules, including statements, types, expressions, operators, functions, etc. (emphasis, of course is the interface, heavy duty and commission)
understand. NET framework and ideas and become familiar with libraries: public language runtime, assemblies, the concept of the common type system material:. net framework class library (inheritance relationship between classes)
grasp large database programming: database infrastructure, including tables, views, stored procedures. SQL SERVER database design and management of learning XML WEB Service
developing web-based service applications
programmer English: Common Read translated msdn and programforge classic article on sharing.
Finally, these tools designed for specific projects.
(If you just learn one object, then please contact that I described.)

co-learners requirements: an object-oriented way of thinking, sincere, frank attitude towards learning. Sharing experiences and happy to answer questions of learning.

learn together. net of learning. :
Application. net tools provide help documentation. Synchronous learning through shared documents, each chapter illustrate the difficulty of learning, focus, experience and doubt, through mutual discussion together.
and each section of each chapter in the study after learning have to make important and difficult instructions, questions and summary (these can have me do, do not do to others requested my aim is not only to do these To facilitate review, more importantly, to give further study to provide a shortcut to the program designers,
through a complete learning process, tell them to learn programming to pay what).
example: we use: Microsoft Visual Studio. NET documentation VB tutorials. Our common learning vb language of new features. We race who should comprehend. The main contents of this page. Then the focus of the industry and summary description of it. Into learning document. Then make the following study.
regardless of their learning speed, only need to learn one chapter, make a summary. So that we share, and are willing to share with each other and discuss the process of learning experiences and problems on the line.

can be local or network connection.
local contact: Nanjing Cao Village, Railway Quarters 6-201. Tel :025-85409616
msn: [email protected]
Contact: A intake.
2001-07-08 10:11:05
we have to do more than just a to discuss and exchange-centered approach to learning, but also the entire learning process recorded after the learning process to give designers a shortcut through a complete learning process, telling them to pay to learn what the program design.