Comrades who you master your way to recover accidentally deleted partition? ? 1000 Solving

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> System Maintenance Author: xiao51pan Date: 2004-07-06 09:19:32
2004-07-06 09:19:32
Yesterday I wanted to use the last one fdisk partition area f: Remove
because they have an area of ​​win2000 is ntfs partition, so when I was in win98 when operating below show only
c: d: e: three partitions, when I chose this partition and delete e when they found d: is deleted, who can help me to restore this partition back ah? ? I now do the operation only after the partition deletion have nothing to do, what software can achieve this function, please help a lot ~ ~ ~ Thank you, God, I almost worried to death,
d : There are a lot of my program it, If anybody has any way to help me solve this problem, then I would like to give my friend 1000 points! !
2004-07-06 09:38:22
with EasyRecovery recovery, recovery is your D: drive things Kaodao another disk, I do not know that there is no direct recovery, but certainly with EasyRecovery can get things back, I used too, there is a relatively long time to recover. Specific usage can look at this post: