SQL Deadlocks can occur when too many mistakes do?

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Difficult Problems Author: weozhijiang2010 Date: 2009-07-29 12:48:08
2009-07-29 12:48:08
I wrote in a table A two triggers. To a non-existent table Table B and C insert records, so that each table to insert a record into A, it will insert a record into table B and C table to insert a record (B and C tables are not tables there is, of course, be wrong). A table and insert data into happens thousands of times every day. So, every day that does not exist to Table B or C table to insert data will execute ten thousand times. Ten thousand times so it should cause an error.
and my database about 1-2 days this will die once, the program appears connection timed out. So I ask those above error will lead ultra-SQL deadlock or something?
2009-07-29 12:53:32
should be a log too, right
2009-07-29 13:13:12
how it will judge the deadlock, even if deadlock insert failure is not, is there any other reason, or an increase of B, Table C no problem yet?
2009-07-29 13:26:06
Do not call me stupid ah! The two previous test when the trigger is written. Later, forgot to remove it.
2009-07-29 13:29:53
Logs too general deadlock do? In accordance with the above visits.
2009-07-29 13:39:21
does not say what is a deadlock. That appears content to say those cases, will cause a "connection timeout" mean?