Like to learn the C language, see what books suitable

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2005-08-20 11:14:34

C      , 。

Linux ( 4 )     。

you think these books how ah, or there may be other books recommendation. What
learning experience please enlighten me.
2005-08-20 11:34:11
I have the "C language depth anatomy" I feel good, if you want it to give me your Email! I sent you
2005-08-20 11:41:34
saw a "C Programming Language" C in addition to outside can do how do math?
2005-08-20 11:59:45
"C Programming experts"
2005-08-20 12:13:59
personally feel, C language, after familiar with the syntax,
should focus on the data structure and examples of the development, instead of reading.
However, "C language depth analysis", "C core programming", looks pretty good (I've only seen one before, is the voice of experience).
2005-08-20 12:30:00
... remark poor men
2005-08-20 12:43:20
"C Primer Plus, 5th Edition" [U.S.] Stephen Prata with

The C programming language "C Programming Language"

Pointers on C "C and pointer"

C traps and pitfalls "C Traps and defects "

Expert C Lanuage" Expert C Programming "

Writing Clean Code ----- Microsoft Techiniques for Developing ; Bug-free C Programs

"Programming essence - Microsoft prepare high-quality error-free C program secret"

Programming Embedded Systems in C ; and C + + "Embedded Systems Programming"

"C language programming of embedded systems practice"

"high-quality C + + / C Programming Guide" Lin Rui

2005-08-20 12:46:32
"C Programming Language _ modern methods"
2005-08-20 13:01:44

up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2005-08-20 13:16:17
"Introduction to Algorithms"

"data structure (C language version)"

"in-depth understanding of computer systems" [U.S.] Randal E. Bryant David O ' Hallaron the

2005-08-20 13:33:03
"Introduction to Algorithms"

"data structure (C language version)"

"in-depth understanding of computer System "[U.S.] Randal E. Bryant David O'Hallaron the

2005-08-20 13:37:38
taught the ................
2005-08-20 13:48:04

2005-08-20 14:05:26
practice, practice, mental effort.
2005-08-20 14:11:32
2005-08-20 14:22:45
If C is fairly good, then recommend thorough understanding of computer systems, which is the complement of internal strength.
2005-08-20 14:34:41
C language with depth anatomy book called
recommend learning computer architecture
2005-08-20 14:43:18

said this man is an idiot
2005-08-20 14:55:07
Computer Composition Principle → DOS command → assembly language → C language (not including C + +), code written specification → data structures, compiler theory, operating systems → computer network, database theory, regular expressions → other languages ​​(including C + +), architecture ......

VC debugging, press Alt +8, TC or BC with TD debugging, open the window to see the end of each C compilation corresponding assembly and consequently do not understand me.
(Linux or Unix, should also be in when debugging with GDB, see the corresponding sentence C compilation.)
want to understand the nature of C pointers, you must learn assembly and the correspondence between C and assembly .
from the assembly point to understand and learn the C language pointer, had seemingly complicated things will become very simple!

"Windows core programming"
"in-depth analysis the Windows operating system-Windows Internals"

learning programmer's advice: eye over a thousand times better than hand over again! (Books to read thousands of lines as hand and struck his!)
2005-08-20 15:01:57

do math that is very powerful

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