Now C + + is generally used in what ah? Can be used in embedded inside it?

Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: simbapeng Date: 2003-11-27 03:30:30
2003-11-27 03:30:30
Very much like to know how I feel now required are generally java object-oriented and the like, but a little below the requirements of the embedded C language, that C + + is used in place? Embedded systems in C + + can do? I think it is quite appropriate to use, object-oriented modeling and design, it should be much more robust than the C language is ah?
2003-11-27 04:02:24
communications and graphics software are mostly written in C + +.
C + + The biggest advantage is the ability to combine with C, but also so bring some flaws.

C + + can do? ! ! You look at your usual use of the software, there are a few not C + + to write?
do not think sites do ERP systems, and so is all the software developed. It was just a small part.

Microsoft litter C + +?!!!!
C + + never belong to Microsoft, Microsoft only provides a development tool.
2003-11-27 04:38:37
Embedded course you can use c + +
2003-11-27 05:04:12
C + + still feel good
2003-11-27 05:28:25
in fact, it is omnipotent
2003-11-27 05:51:15
Online under investigation can be used to know ~
2003-11-27 06:08:45
C + +, the impression is very sacred, but less than real office, most embedded or use C, C + +, a little less.
originally VC is a C + + to use a big upgrade, which I personally think that the C + + used for its a good performance and a combination of not now Microsoft scrapped up, google is to use C + + to write, but I do not Using C + + to write clearly what is the algorithm and to estimate, it is unclear what is C + + in the end?
2003-11-27 06:33:00
c + +
truth, embedding efficiency is lower than c
2003-11-27 06:57:22
need to write a program where you can use c + +.