sa password forgotten how to do?

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: miratutu Date: 2005-01-26 17:51:04
2005-01-26 17:51:04

you who know how to check the sa password do?

several months without the password to forget!
2005-01-26 18:08:53
if they can be found in the sa password, Microsoft will swap station.
but you can change the sa password

Method 1: Enterprise Manager - "Security - "landing -" Direct to change its password - "OK -" Input Confirm password - "OK, change overnight.

Method 2:
to WINDOWS account, enter the search parser.
If the SA account executive EXEC sp_password NULL, 'ok', sa
password to OK.
2005-01-26 18:13:44
you to the operating system user login, and then in the "Security" which can be directly modified.
2005-01-26 18:24:35
learn! !
2005-01-26 18:43:15
homeless say makes sense,
with the Windows registry directly modify
2005-01-26 18:47:02
In the "Security" which can be directly modified.