How do ado To access the database marked for deletion, but not physically remove it?

Category: Delphi -> Database Author: J1005513239 Date: 2001-07-10 08:54:20
2001-07-10 08:54:20
If so, how do ado obtain the records marked for deletion, and then restore it
2001-07-10 09:00:42
I propose to add a field to make beautiful, relatively simple and good control!
The default value for this field If you delete it as False True!
then display Do not display this field to True records!
I tried is possible! do not you try it against!
2001-07-10 09:10:05
either add a label field, or doing a buffer table and the original table, like the original data into them. But I think the first one back a little higher efficiency Yeah,
2001-07-10 09:26:03
right! Or use a field to determine the right
2001-07-10 09:38:05
add a field is relatively good.
do not know no other better way.

up look!
2001-07-10 09:48:46
own definition of a protocol can not I?? specify a field value as a prerequisite to delete it or not, and then display the data determine this value if the delete flag to skip the line.

select * from table where del <> 1 order by id

The SQL statement used to delete more simple
update table set del = 1 where id = id

In the above example, I use DEL field as a judge delete fields , while a value of 1 is a deletion flag.
2001-07-10 09:54:31
you want to restore some of the data is also very simple
update table set del = 0 where id = id
2001-07-10 10:05:02
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2001-07-10 10:18:38
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2001-07-10 10:27:02
Is there like a fox marks it as deleted
2001-07-10 10:34:18
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