Learn programming language confusion

Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: zou_shushu Date: 2004-07-21 16:07:26
2004-07-21 16:07:26
I am learning Jav language. Has been a problem plaguing me, which is now learning Java promising it or learn C / C + + is good, learning which can later get a high salary, after a good development prospects, but also hope you older students by pointing mystery. Although this is somewhat vulgar, but the reality is such that no one would like to have a good treatment after it.
2004-07-21 16:15:50
As the saying goes, have to learn the future. You both are learned in general, it is impossible to have a future, and a maximum earn a little money to support their families.
2004-07-21 16:32:53
only promising, and no promising programming language
2004-07-21 16:36:31
only learn the language, there will never be wealthy Figure drops.

them as their friends, to make it possible to reach with interest the pinnacle of technology.
2004-07-21 16:54:42
java and c + + are good, put on the debate between the two is good or bad effort to read more books, meaning larger.
2004-07-21 17:05:06
I'm sure that if maths, programming certainly no problem. As for what language have a future, it does not matter