Help: Configuring OLAP linked server related issues

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: kuku9898zz Date: 2006-08-09 14:48:26
2006-08-09 14:48:26
I built the OLAP server. Want to pass another on the network configuration of SQL Server 2000 linked server to access OLAP.
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver'OLAP ',' OLAP1 ',' Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Olap Services
8.0 ',' D: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Analysis Services \ Data \ duration data '
/ / add a link server to perform successfully

select * from openquery (OLAP Server,'
{[ Measures]. [duration]} on columns,
{[called_company]. members} on rows
from [call_out] ')
/ / returns an error message ----
not find the OLE DB provider 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Olap Services 8.0' registry entries.

ask experts to help answer. Thank
2006-08-09 14:58:46
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