Why is my application run delphi7 not? ? Hurry. Hurry.

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: wuhawise Date: 2002-04-19 20:56:20
2002-04-19 20:56:20
I am a software to others, delphi7 do with the middle with a third-party control, raise3, the present situation is; my application on my side when the machine is running properly, but his side is not running, an error is roughly: "pephb.exe encountered an error needs to close", pephb is my application name, and thus can not open up, I am helpless, do not know who can give me Xiongtai a satisfactory answer, and I heard someone say: Yes d7 need to fix something, I do not know if I have this thing, if anything, I do not know whether Xiongtai Hotfix download available delphi7 address, first thank you,

if insiders, please call or qq told, I appreciate it,
tel: 13891956416
qq: 271910941
email: [email protected]
2002-04-19 21:12:34
The specific error information posted ah
2002-04-19 21:46:04
in That loom upload a delphi! Or delphi runtime library
2002-04-19 22:06:02
does not have a fixed address connection string it
2002-04-19 22:33:29
1. Your program is statically compiled it?
(To The project options -> packages-> build with runtime packages before removing the hook)
2. If you are using BDE, to be installed on the target machine BDE
3. I have met Over the most depressing is that some third-party components on the system environment requirements such as printatonce, if the system does not have silent letters printer, the program will be illegal operation
2002-04-19 22:52:03
may be that these machines Operating system problems! ! 1
ago I used the Shanghai government version XPDELPHI7 not up and running!
you try another installation of other systems!
2002-04-19 23:24:19
Thank you for your concern, however, the above situation does not seem to exist, but did not ask the user to reinstall the system, I would like to ask, what will not be d7 loopholes but to repair it, If you really need to patch, I do not know which brother can provide download URL, brother, I do not find the right result.
2002-04-19 23:58:14
may be the system configuration problems, his computer may not be configured!
2002-04-20 00:32:27
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you how fat points?