SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services security extension (Extension Samples) problem.

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: abiansb Date: 2004-03-12 20:18:38
2004-03-12 20:18:38
I installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services security plug-in (Extension Samples) example when there is a strange question.

My steps according to a document from start to finish to do finished and then I will open the report in IIS Manager (http://localhost/Reports) appeared Forms Authentication login page. Then, registered users, everything OK. Finally, in RsReportServer.config file to configure the administrator's user name (just registered the login screen).

However, all this is complete, I re-open the login screen. Tried to open the administration page, the problem appeared. No matter how I log in, however, the page is stuck in the login screen (/ Pages / UILogon.aspx), how can get into the management page. Trace debug using VS2005 and found no errors during validation. Verification result is true, but the cookie is no problem. This phenomenon seems to be statements of management applications, did not accept the verification results. So, always ask for verification information.

I also tried http://localhost/ReportServer this Web application, it can operate normally. And you can see all the deployed reports can also be normally open, print. I do not know why the management application does not work.
Please experts can let me know.

my software environment: Vista Ultimate + SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition SP2 + VS2005 SP1
Windows 2003 SP2 SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition SP2 + VS2005 SP1
two kinds of systems are not installed successfully.
2004-03-12 20:27:54
install sql 2005 Enterprise Edition try
2004-03-12 20:35:26
Does anyone know, sir. Jiya
2004-03-12 20:51:56
No one can answer