Why do I write data to an Access database always said when I define too many fields

Category: C/C++ -> Foundation Classes Author: J1010911 Date: 2002-10-16 19:03:55
2002-10-16 19:03:55
I recently discovered in the programming process is a strange question, I write the data into an Access database always said when I define a field error messages too, but I write data directly to the number of fields in the same time, and no problems, as well as in my writing data when the form in the database can only see 61 records, but here there are 64 records have shown do not know where is the need to set it. Supreme gets advice, thank you!!
2002-10-16 19:13:58
attention to see if there is no special characters?
2002-10-16 19:28:03
Are you referring to there, or anywhere else in the error message