dxcomponentprinter printing problems stringgrid

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: dony0301 Date: 2003-02-15 11:25:30
2003-02-15 11:25:30
Installed inside DX express v2.8
Print Control
I then used to print stringgrid

dxcomponentprinter Then I stringgrid the drawcell event write event, let stringgrid The first line of text centered, the first five right
after running the program, stringgrid display properly, you can center the first line, the fifth column can

but right dot printing (that is call dxcomponentprinter), in the preview, the first row and the fifth column is still the same as the original is left,
how is this going? drawcell event in the DX controls do not work?

how to solve this? ? ? ?
2003-02-15 11:45:03

not used this

this is not WYSIWYG print the