Guiqiu: Invalid backspace control solutions

Category: C/C++ -> ActiveX/COM/DCOM Author: bbs0318 Date: 2001-08-03 17:12:13
2001-08-03 17:12:13
In activex put a edit, embed in ie invalid
back space key issue in

been discussed here, but they do not have any solution, is not C + + Builder is a backspace key to be invalid?
there any solution? Please help me solve some experts coming out, if you can score enough points to re-open post, thank you first!
2001-08-03 17:17:24
Your Edit is placed ActiveXForm on it, if it is ActiveXControl not be a problem. Do not believe you can try
2001-08-03 17:35:17
I have encountered such a problem, but according to a couple of TAB key, backspace key and effective, strange
2001-08-03 17:46:53
turned a lot of posts , seems to have no mention of a solution to this problem, or will be very vague. BORLAND company's Web site mentions this problem, but did not give a particularly detailed solutions. Brother, Be Careful.

considered for a long time, if the Edit input box using scripting languages ​​to achieve may be able to solve this problem, but did not really go to common sense. If anyone has done such examples, please give suggestions.
2001-08-03 18:03:22
not done, passing the top
2001-08-03 18:08:17
how nobody responds to, ah, my own first top