Want to learn to write simple remote control program, expert guidance

Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: j116644758 Date: 2014-05-16 13:54:23
2014-05-16 13:54:23
Such as the title, would like to write a simple remote control program, simply achieve two three functions on the line.

achieve control it off the main power (I can control it OK, if it can be bi-directional control is also OK), can detect whether it is on the line and I Unicom Will

master ye realize this, I saw a few posts that is what winsock component, but said this component outdated, and no simpler way? Or have java can be realized? More vegetables, experts detailed guidance. Do not know to which areas of the hair, and my heart guess this should be written in C + + it
2014-05-16 14:04:48

your email address? I sent a copy to you.
2014-05-16 14:23:55
on a CS program ah
2014-05-16 14:31:32

Well, it is best achieved with BS, MFC write, then I guess I have to encounter Many problems
2014-05-16 14:49:15
CS, BS, is what
2014-05-16 15:02:50
Did the wrong place? ? Please expert guidance ah
2014-05-16 15:19:24

It do not know. . . CS is to fire a gun that competitive games ~

BS is short for Bjarne Stroustrup chant ~
2014-05-16 15:27:46
Remote Start? Also bs?
2014-05-16 15:32:20
GCI interface can be used to achieve very simple!

download address:
2014-05-16 15:50:43
I have come to learn!
2014-05-16 15:54:40

I do not have so many points
2014-05-16 16:08:11

Thank you very much, you have to send messages
2014-05-16 16:20:47
landlord can find a gh0st 3.6 source code See