Today interview , face officer asked me a question , I do not understand TCP, which heroes favor.

Category: VC/MFC -> Foundation Classes Author: pzhzxd Date: 2011-06-25 20:27:25
2011-06-25 20:27:25
About what it means :
establish Socket connection , if the client and server are 1K Buffer size , the client send 100 bytes , and then sends 100 bytes , ask the server using TCP protocol has received how much .
asked after staring at me laughing and said, I asked the question is not necessarily the correct answer.

I am a graduate , everyone playing helper ah !
2011-06-25 20:44:45
as the transmitting end , the tone of the send later just added to the contents of the buffer sent at this time have not received specific server side , received a number , according to the serial number in the server -side , respectively .
2011-06-25 20:58:59
There is no absolute thing Well , you talk nonsense , as long as you say justified, he also Mozhe .
this question is relatively vague , the first cache data transmission , and then to go through package , if the data length is too small, there are some bits to insert rows into the frame , anyway, received no less than 200
2011-06-25 21:05:04
you watched him laugh, laugh Mao him !

time data have the transmission data header , the latter is the information !
2011-06-25 21:21:33
to be divided into different situations , specific , and I do not remember ( the time is a bit long ), TCP / IP Detailed roll there .
2011-06-25 21:37:39
There may be once received 200byte;   may also receive first receive 100byte,   then they receive 100byte how
not manage ,  . If network is normal ,   server will eventually receive 200byte 's . This is the performance of TCP stream .
If UDP is different.
2011-06-25 21:56:08
bother you, I tried on my computer a bit, flush the buffer after finished , just a hundred bytes Yeah, then hair, painted , and just a hundred bytes , nothing Baotou no more than two hundred Yeah
2011-06-25 22:27:32
know   tcp   is   flow on the line