Embedded USB devices questions

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Technical Topics Author: AnnieLoveWilliam Date: 2004-05-24 06:57:26
2004-05-24 06:57:26
A USB fingerprint capture device, using locally compiled into an executable file SYDemo, after running SYDemo,
USB device can run on a PC, then use the cross-compiler generated SYDemo downloaded to the board,
display USB device can not be opened.
ask what went wrong then? ? ?
2004-05-24 07:13:04
kernel on the board have driven it?
2004-05-24 07:38:24
first need to check is whether your kernel has a USB fingerprint device driver, if it is dynamically loaded ko file, you need to insmod it, followed by check in / dev there is no USB fingerprint capture device device file, this is very important.
2004-05-24 07:53:49
insert module development board to appear after the following:
[root @ EmbedSky / dev] # usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 2
[root @ EmbedSky / dev] # usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using s3c2410-ohci and
address 3
usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor = 0453, idProduct = 9005
usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr = 0, Product = 0, SerialNumber = 0
usb 1-1: configuration # 1 chosen from 1 choice
I then directly execute the program appears as follows Content:
[root @ EmbedSky nfs] #. / SYDemo
Open usb fail!
Open UDisk fail!
[root @ EmbedSky nfs] #
please enlighten master, impatient, day after tomorrow respondent, the results still did not come out.
2004-05-24 08:15:55
I use the native compiler g+ +, compiled successfully, run it successfully. But this is the pc in linux virtual machine to achieve.
a local compile
1, Makefile document preparation
SYDemo: modulapi.o
g+ +-g modulapi.o SYProtocol.a-o SYDemo
modulapi.o: modulapi.cpp SYProtocol.h
g+ +-g-c modulapi.cpp-o modulapi . o
rm-f *. o SYDemo
2, make compiles successfully
3,. / SYDemo devices can Then I switched to running
cross compiler, the results shown above.
2004-05-24 08:27:52
usb fingerprint acquisition module is not inserted when the / dev part of something
mtd2 tty29 urandom
mtd2ro ; tty3 ; usbdev1.1_ep00
mtdblock0 tty30 usbdev1.1_ep81
mtdblock1 tty31 ; v4l

plug usb fingerprint module / dev stuff
mtd0ro following section ; tty28 ; usbdev1.1_ep00
mtd1 tty29 usbdev1.1_ep81
mtd1ro ; tty3 usbdev1.3_ep00
mtd2 tty30 usbdev1.3_ep02
mtd2ro tty31 ; usbdev1.3_ep81
mtdblock0 tty32 v4l
consult experts advise