Brother connected to practical projects , please help predecessors

Category: VC/MFC -> Network Author: cfy_horsezhao Date: 2012-01-13 08:17:14
2012-01-13 08:17:14
Description :
        I have a friend who opened two stores ,  
        store to have the membership card of the customer has integral record ,
        points to a certain number will be prizes ,
        two stores have a computer ,  
        can access
question :
        want to implement a software to record each customer integration ,   and integrating data from two stores can be synchronized ,   is the same customer in a shop of bonus points ,
        another store can know ( now a daily artificial running back and forth two stores to update the integral data ,   much trouble )

this is the younger brother to take practical projects ,   chances ,   urge seniors how to teach
. architecture of this software ,   the key is how to achieve the integration of data sharing two stores ,   thank !!
I am using VC development  
2012-01-13 08:22:50
add a socket with a database communication on the line, or transfer a database file with QQ on the line, simple
2012-01-13 08:38:08
Internet are two stores IP addresses dynamically obtain it (ADSL)? Or a similar kind of residential broadband , and if so , you'll need on a fixed IP or domain name of the server application
space leased database record data. The core of the problem is external access to your machine two stores are not fixed IP, that is to say who is who on the line to be found.

Or, you have to install a separate database machine in two stores , every day by way of P2P software to transfer files , synchronize data.
2012-01-13 08:40:57
two computers not on the same local area network , there is no fixed IP can not use the server - Client mode , you do not allow users to directly manipulate the database files , so the risk is too great , as you said, a mistake , the latest data file is gone .
you can write your own programs out on the two buttons, one to extract a save. point extraction , put today's addition of new data is extracted, so that the clerk put the extracted files sent to the other side there , and then point to save your program , you then save the data to the database .

this relatively safer .
2012-01-13 08:56:32
with a the database can be a
2012-01-13 09:10:15
a computer shop to do the database server , integrating information from both stores are present in this database
2012-01-13 09:17:40
a computer when the server ~~~~~
2012-01-13 09:27:51
mysql or sqlite3 best to use this database , web server if it is too complicated
2012-01-13 09:43:26
learn learn learn
2012-01-13 09:53:53

this two computers should not on the same LAN ,   If one installed mysql or other databases ,   another computer does not know that you can access not  . thank you  
2012-01-13 10:13:08
Well, I have to your suggestion to use sqlite3 database , and then use QQ or e-mail to transmit , then both sides of the database to unify , if you have a fixed IP, then use the Socket transmission can be a
2012-01-13 10:24:26
to   WizardK   &   zhoulxp

with ADSL Internet ,   QQ unified data transfer database files is a way ,  
but our database clerk may not really understand hey ,   operational errors the latest data coverage on the bad
2012-01-13 10:36:29
impossible to have covered both sides of the files have updated , you have to write their own programs , the two documents agree to form a new file , to ensure both sides updated files can be added , and that you yourself have to consider , so basically the
2012-01-13 10:41:37
to   zhoulxp  
2012-01-13 11:00:29
with a simple data to a computer to make servers, one as a client
2012-01-13 11:07:54
direct integration ah
1. credit card machine
3. ordinary PC
2012-01-13 11:27:03

Oh ,   swipe machine shop so it costs too much
2012-01-13 11:40:15
put a database <br on a computer / > two clients through the internet to get data from the database
2012-01-13 11:42:23

look at the situation , you can only do so with earth method
2012-01-13 11:57:47
network Communications with   TCP   socket.
other pressing needs to do is OK.