Learn Programming

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Applications Author: creditcard2004 Date: 2001-07-09 17:17:26
2001-07-09 17:17:26
I want to learn programming in Linux, but I do not know what programming tools, learn what programming is good.
also on linux programming books did not.
2001-07-09 17:24:05
Learn to c it.

Editor: Emacs
compiler: gcc
Debugger: gdb
script compiler tools: autoconf, automake, make
manual: man
2001-07-09 17:38:12
Agree upstairs.
but I like to use the editor vi
2001-07-09 17:45:30
Linux inside there!
2001-07-09 18:01:14
I said is compiled device!
2001-07-09 18:07:18
with liuns on these as long as you have a
2001-07-09 18:13:02
cc g+ +
all lines!
2001-07-09 18:16:08
learn C is more difficult, and generally for the development of relatively low-level stuff, long development cycle, the most important thing is that if the general level, and now many computer companies will not ask, and I am learning C + + for some for a long time, but has not yet started consciously,
now starting to use C + + to really do not know what they can develop software out, but are still self-study, also please refer
teach advise, what is the ways to enhance their programming skills.
2001-07-09 18:19:37
I think the advantages of Linux is open source, so there are many, many very interesting source cattle waiting for you to study. Show your interest, the selective engage in a practice, it is absolutely rewarding!
You can look at "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" Look at the author is how to come up with the fetchmail, also based predecessors.
linux open source can save a lot of duplication of work, so that you're standing on the shoulders of giants development.