Explorer of the forward and backward is how to achieve ?

Category: VC/MFC -> Foundation Classes Author: chenyuyaodj Date: 2001-11-03 13:40:55
2001-11-03 13:40:55
I use a list , but it seems to feel a little problem :
for example ,
1, first open the E:
list of contents  
2, open temp list the contents of a directory
current tail for most items , so forward as gray
e: \ temp
3, this time back
list of contents , this is the first item, so the back is gray , forward available
e: \ temp
4, then re- open the project
Why then should the list of contents :
e: \ temp
e: \ project, then point back wrong, should retreat to the e: the
if it is :
e: \ project
e: \ temp, then this time forward error , because then it should not move forward
how to deal with this problem ah?
2001-11-03 13:55:22
I think the normal logic should be such :

set the currently open for A;
open until then B, then in the list, A B followed after , you can make from B " back" can go to A.

According to my observation of the resource manager , and his logic is limited :
what is a list of the contents of several actions :
No.       operation         list of contents         current path
1             initial         A   B   C               C
2             Back         A   B   C               B ( At this point you can "back" to A, can also be " forward" to C)
3             open D       A   B   D               D ( At this point remove C, so that only "back" to B, and " forward" invalid )

short, when when you back to a list of nodes , opened the new content , this time a new node is added after the current node and current node behind the original nodes are removed , that is no longer the "forward " the.
2001-11-03 14:06:44
may be , ha