windows shell extension

Category: VC/MFC -> ATL/ActiveX/COM Author: dongjiace Date: 2001-07-08 12:03:15
2001-07-08 12:03:15
I am using C ++ made ​​a shell   extension. After registration is complete this dll, you can not delete the dll the .
I passed regsvr32   unregister   When this dll, display DllUnregisterServer success.
but when you delete the dll, or you will be prompted explorer is in use, can not be deleted ,
need to close explorer, how to solve this problem? Please Gaoshoubangbangmang it ?
2001-07-08 12:21:45
because explorer will be called com through the registry , so it is necessary to close explorer, Oh, I am also new to , it is my understanding
2001-07-08 12:32:39
should be , the problem can not be resolved , To uninstall the shell, you must kill   explorer, thank you.