How remote landing my linux system ah?

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2001-07-08 16:33:25
I am using WinXp operating systems, virtual hosts using VMWARE install RedHat, ask other machines
(also WinXP operating system) how the network login to my linux system (redhat) Yeah! I ask
not to do some settings? How to set it? ? ?
------ Please elaborate! ! ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wing, wing! ! !
2001-07-08 16:46:31
Virtual Machine using VMWare default network settings that "what Bridge" mode, and then, like Linux, just like a normal configuration of the machine on the line.
2001-07-08 16:49:17
with VNC, you find from VNC, download a LINUX version
installation, from WXP using IE can remotely log LINUX-
http:// You LINUX machine's IP address: 580X X is that you start an X VNC service port

linux application software Tan's remote desktop control articles

Author: Chinese Hackers Alliance

What I am saying is not telnet, rsh like the remote control tool, but refers to the remote control of desktop applications.
X ; window advanced than MS windows where it is, X window is a web-based graphical windowing system itself has a powerful remote control the user login on the remote system running X application and implementation of the results Xclients Returns the local host, which is what I want to introduce the following Remote X

one, Remote X
assume the local host ip is, remote host ip is 172.16. 1.2

first step on the local host to perform any one xterm xhost, used to allow remote hosts and other local host X server networking:
xhost +
If you do not specify any ip address, it means that authority fully liberalized, which will bring security issues, be careful!

second step, confirm that the local host xfs is running. using ps check process.

third step, from the local host ( through the network to log on to the remote host , you use telnet, ssh, rsh can Set the DISPLAY variable.
export DISPLAY =

fourth step, you can now use the remote host X applications.

so kind, it is very convenient, but you can not control the entire desktop environment, this work is to vnc it! Remote X effect is running on the LAN Yes, ordinary telephone dialing would not have tried, too slow.

two, vnc
I believe there are many people in the windows environment used pcanywhere, but you want to not want to use a free, in linux, win9x/nt can be used on the pcanywhere, which is vnc.
vnc vitual network computing is the abbreviation, it supports many operating platforms, and even in the browser vessel operation.
I introduced vncviewer usage, as well as a remote control with linux linux or nt.
vnc client through architecture tcp / ip protocol on vnc vnc server to communicate with , through certification, the X server's desktop environment, input devices, and X resources to vncserver control, vnc server desktop environment via vnc protocol will give vnc client side. allow vnc vnc client to manipulate server desktop environment and input devices.
download vnc first version of linux and windows version.
current linux version is vnc-3.3.3r1_x86_linux_2.0.tgz
current The windows version is

1. install linux version of vnc
(1) Install
tar zxvf vnc-3.3. 3r1_x86_linux_2.0.tgz
cd vnc_x86_linux_2.0
cp * vnc * / usr / local / bin /
mkdir / usr / local / vnc
cp-r classes / / usr / local / vnc /
(2) set the vnc server access password
(3) Start vnc server
attention after running the information displayed, note the port number used, generally from a beginning, because 0 is x server takes up now, you will be able to provide vnc served. vnc client usage, etc. will be introduced.

2, install nt version of vnc
1) Install
unlock vnc-3.3.3r7_x86_win32 . zip package, it will produce winvnc and vncviewer two directories. winvnc directory is vnc server installer, vncviewer directory is vnc client installation procedures. I only care about vnc server, run the setup in that directory winvnc available.
2) Set
executed first install default registry settings.
run winvnc (app mode) is to execute vnc server
Now you can see a small icon winvnc running, right-click the icon in the properties / incoming connections, set a password. default configuration to.
now, you will be able to provide vnc service nt the.

3, use vncviewer
vnc server started successfully, you can use vncviewer to remotely control the desktop.
vncviewer display number
example, vncviewer
required to enter the password, you can see the remote desktop.
Note: viewers need 16-bit color display mode, if your operating system, not on the 16-bit color, then please timely adjust your computer's display mode. Otherwise vncviewer does not work.

4, linux version of vnc server improvements.
linux vnc server on the default desktop management environment is twm, it is too simple.
Modify $ HOME / .vnc / xstartup this file.
all content with the # before the line, and then in the next part of the tail plus:
startkde &
Of course you can substitute your favorite desktop and I replaced it with kde twm, speed will slow a little, but easy to use them a lot.
Note To restart the vnc server.

5, through the browser using vnc
through a browser using vnc, pay attention to the port number changes.
assume vnc server is words, So, the available browser access: 5801
port number = display number + 5800
Okay, got it, just do it!

2001-07-08 16:51:58
SSH is enabled by default quite good FTP, TELNET ....
2001-07-08 17:00:53
A very good with ssh I use so cool in the windows I used putty login, multi-function and easy to use. try
2001-07-08 17:14:33
2001-07-08 17:19:19
but to use SSH, ah, quite good
2001-07-08 17:22:58
"linux machine the same configuration as normal," how a collocation method ah! I
common configuration not die. . . . . . . . . Able to explain in detail what you /? ? ?
3x! ! !
2001-07-08 17:36:18
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sh is what ah? Software you. . . ?
I was weak weak, can elaborate on the following way? so many thanks!!!
2001-07-08 17:46:53
"SSH is enabled by default quite good FTP, TELNET .."

"A very good with ssh. I use cool in the windows I used putty login, multi-function and easy to use. try "

how to use it. . . ? Can explain in detail the way! ! ! Thank you
2001-07-08 17:52:19
SSH is enabled by default quite good FTP, TELNET .. "

" A very good with ssh I use the cool In the windows I used putty login, multi-function and easy to use. try "

ask SHH how to use it. . . ? Can explain in detail the way! ! ! Thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Yes, I just want to telnet to redhat linux! ! !