Reporting Services subscription problem

Category: MS-SQL Server -> BI Author: HaoHaoBaoBei Date: 2013-08-19 20:33:10
2013-08-19 20:33:10
Since there is no SMTP server permissions, can not achieve the SMTP mail subscription

But the company's outlook are used to send and receive e-mail using the exchange server

Question: Can I use outlook to subscribe to reports or use exchange subscriptions, how to operate
2013-08-19 20:35:53
mail subscription because I do it a lot of detours, no one can use online tutorials!

tortured me for a long time before finally can be used. Saw your question so at noon time to write a tutorial.

My understanding is that your mailbox has forwarded authority can, because I do like a mail forwarding process ....

2013-08-19 20:46:01
outlook and exchange does not need to be

continue tomorrow to answer your question, now something ...
2013-08-19 20:53:15

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how to more efficiently in the SQL Server Forum Question

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2013-08-19 20:56:33
SQL Server Reporting Services Step by step to achieve a given mail subscription

detailed tutorial:
2013-08-19 21:07:19
Thank you very much zkl312743141 help, especially to see Bowen is today even get touched Kazakhstan, will not be specifically addressed to my tutorial before it

but I also use your method , encountered some problems, I have two places restrictions
1. companies can not access the Internet, e-mail can not be used as
2.'s SMTP server to another foreign country, I have no way to get permission

but our company is using outlook exchange to send and receive e-mail, there is a exchange address, but I tested or not
2013-08-19 21:35:13
seems to use SMTP mail subscription is impossible for me Because of the
forwarding on the server, then I can not set up an SMTP server outside the network, because the company masked

internal SMTP and no privileges. . . .

still be a shared file it. . .