Database link, please enlighten greatly!

Category: Delphi -> Database Author: hzp444 Date: 2006-01-24 15:04:02
2006-01-24 15:04:02
I was a novice, I ask you greatly: delphi what method to link sql anywhere? odbc can it? How to do ah?
2006-01-24 15:20:28
with the connection string is ConnectionString, you can follow the prompts to build out.
connection string already contains a server IP (or machine name), database login name, password, and so on have been reading and writing database information, as long as once set up, you can always attached to.
2006-01-24 15:40:13
Yes, of course, it's best to read it, you should first lay a solid foundation, as these issues are very basic stuff!