About packaged and SQL databases simple questions

Category: Delphi -> Database Author: msnmsn123123 Date: 2005-04-24 10:48:27
2005-04-24 10:48:27
1 in the Paradox database in Password and Count fields, two fields in the INSERT and UPDATE statements can not always run, and Num changed after Mima was able to pass. Did Password and Count can not be used as field names? - ------ 10 points
2. I use [Midas] SocketConnection, ClientDataSet, [Data Access] DataSource; [Data Control] DBGrid, DBlookupComboBox and [Fastnet] NMUDP developed a two-tier C / S database application system client program. When you package the client program which files should be included? ------- 50

second question urgent, please help.
2005-04-24 10:59:35
1. built table when there is no prompt an error it? But I suspect that is the paradox Password and Count of reserved words.
but not running, there is no specific error message?
2. Application midas, midas.dll This file must be packaged programs.
2005-04-24 11:15:26
password, count or sql reserved word you use it
Midas developed a three-tier bar, it depends on what operating system is running on the server, because the words in the NT
also started a program that comes with a delphi socketnt what the name looked
course, your bde is indispensable pull q
2005-04-24 11:33:42
1. construction of the table did not prompt an error and I think also difficult because the Password and Count is a reserved word paradox, but I'm sure it. I do not remember the specific error message, you may wish to try.
2. not ah! midas.dll although packaged, nor can. seems to be what prompted Winsock.API error I had done with a ClientDataSet open local *. cds file'd only need midas.dll on it.
2005-04-24 11:51:09
I think there may be difficulties → I want;
→ I'm not sure I'm sure it just;
2005-04-24 11:57:11
I read the help files Delphi , Midas bilayer and multilayer applications require certain documents may be purchased separately. Seems to have his hand on Socket achieved.

to taogou: you said should be SrvSckt.exe so that you can, but the packaged client needed some DLL is needed to be purchased separately. Moreover, it can be used in Access password, count as a field, can also be accessed using SQL, I think they are not the SQL Keywords bar.